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Nov. 23rd, 2012



Maybe it's not over yet...




Jun. 14th, 2010



If the X-files had been a Japanese production... :))


Apr. 16th, 2010


ssssshining.. we musssssssst

Is it just me or he really does have a lisp...

Mar. 22nd, 2010


I'm introverted, surprise, surprise...

So I wanted to know my personality...

I agree, completely.
The analysis of my type.

Take the quiz.
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Feb. 14th, 2010



 Things like this touch me deeply. 


Jan. 15th, 2010




Jan. 8th, 2010



I remember the first time I memorized any swahili words. I took a MENYÉT test at the university. It was a Hunagrian language aptitude test. I did quite well, my results were 90 something percent. I still remember one word, andika which means to draw. Andika in Hungarian is a nickname for Andrea. :) In November I passed my French exam and I will probably continue improving my knowledge. I'll be finishing university next Wednesday and I already feel free. Today I browsed the Internet and found some sites about Kiswahili. I am determined to learn the language. It is completely unrelated to any languages I speak and the language is connected to the magical continent I want to know better. Today R asked me why on earth would I want to learn such a useless language, I should learn something more useful. I told her to be quiet and leave me alone with my choice. I hate to be discouraged. Why is it more useless than reading a book? Is a story more useful than a language? I don't think so. Besides, Swahili is spoken by 50 million people. Hungarian is spoken by a little more than 10 million, maybe 12 million with all the Hungarians abroad. So in this sense Swahili is more useful than Hungarian, isn't it? Even if I can never use it for work I would be proud and happy that I know a language that is not a lingua franca, it is not spoken by every tenth people on the planet and I could learn it on my own. I am not saying that I'd be able to do that. Still, the thought in itself is nice.
Anyway... here's a picture I found of Nairobi. :) The contrast is striking, yet special.

Nov. 13th, 2009



 I feel like that stupid Adela Quested in E.M. Forster's A Passage to India. She was so annoying for always wanting to see the "real India". Recently, I have been having this phase of "being really interested in Africa". I even searched for people who are from Africa but I'm not really interested in the whites with internet connection. Why, then, am I even searching? I haven't a clue. 

mmmmm... so nice.

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Nov. 12th, 2009


Being Erica

We started watching Being Erica. It's a Canadian series about Erica, who believes that she has made so many mistakes in her life that this is the reason why she was fired from her job, was dumped by her boyfriend, and has awkward relationship with her family. After an almost fatal incident of drinking coffee with nuts in it (to which she is allergic), she meets Dr. Tom who offers her a chance to go back and do things differently. It's a drama/comedy/fantasy. I like it very much. Here's a video from 1x08 - she goes back to 1974, two years before she was born to see the relationship of her parents. I love her face when she's drugged :))

Oh, yeah, and Dr. Tom is her therapist who sends her back to the past. And he quotes a lot :)
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 I've got this in e-mail. I'm stuck :)

There are 6 people in a room.
2 grandmothers with their 2 granddaughters
2 husbands with their 2 wives
2 fathers with their 2 daughters
2 mothers with their 2 sons
2 brothers with their 2 sisters
2 maidens with their 2 mothers
There is no incest in the family. How is it possible that there are only 6 people in the room?
I've got 8 people in the room.

I should kill 2 people. Which one do you think should be shot down first? :) I like Grandma2, and maybe the two wives and daughters can stay.. grandma1 is quite antipathetic.. :) I know I drew them. Hm... you can also see the stereotypes I associate with certain types :)

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